33 Day Theory to Forming a New Habit

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Liza's Theory: It takes 33 Days to Form a New Habit One of the greatest alchemy of life is the way we experience things in life. We’re constantly affected by what happens inside—our feelings and our thoughts—which, in turn, affect

Water to Calm, Clear and Cleanse

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Do you feel so exhausted and overwhelmed taking care of everyone else's expectations, tending to their needs and wants, all the while leaving you with no time to yourself? Do you often feel depleted and zapped of energy? Do you

Headache Pain

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From the July 2011 Newsletter… Self-hypnosis can be an effective tool for relieving stress and controlling headache pain. Headaches occur when stress overwhelms a person and their capillaries (small blood vessels) constrict under pressure or get smaller. When the stress lets up,

Who Am I

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Have you noticed how much you hide in your life? Have you noticed how most of your thoughts, feelings and emotions are lived just underneath the surface of what you show to the world? Every day you wear a mask hiding your

Hypnosis for Healing

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Memory-is pictures of place and time stored in your mind. The impact of past events on our personalities, our health, our performance, and our association with others is tremendous.  The ability to access these memories and to understand and fix them

The Pyramid of Self

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The mind creates the lifestyle which confirms the mindset which affects the body and the emotions. I call it the “Pyramid”. And because everything begins and ends in the mind, it’s the best place to start to change stuff.  Attitude,