Stress Management and You

When an animal experiences a shock or perceives a threat, it quickly releases a stress hormone, called cortisol, causing their heart rate to increase and blood pressure to rise, delivering more oxygen and blood sugar to power important muscles. This “fight, flight” mode also occurs in humans. While we don’t often encounter life-threatening situations our everyday stresses like meeting a work deadline, juggling children or having money issues cause our bodies to panic causing anxiety.

If not we do not control these feelings and allow them to build up so immensely over time they can even cause physical damage.

Are YOU ready to do something about it?

Hypnotherapy Can Help

Healwithin is Glendale’s leading hypnosis practice specializing in stress and anxiety. Through deep relaxation we tap into the subconscious mind and eliminate the thought patterns that are triggering stress and causing anxiety. This safe program is noninvasive and proven to generate the best results towards a healthy personal transformation.

One-on-One sessions with Liza are the most effective way to begin your stress-free journey. She provides the tools for you to deal with stressful situations without the anxiety. Wondering how?

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Through hypnosis you can live a stress free life!

Complimentary Consultation
Complimentary Consultation

Still unsure about hypnosis?

These recordings are designed to help provide stress relief no matter where you are.

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What Client’s Say

We work in the trade show industry and are under significant levels of Stress. Thanks to the program and the workshop, our office has experienced improved energy levels and morale and reduced absenteeism. As a result, I would highly recommend the HealWithin program for overall employee satisfaction. You are sure to see immediate and on-going benefit and improvement.
Dorothy M. Belshaw, Senior Vice President, George Little Management, LLC
I want to thank you for doing your Stress Management and Hypnotherapy presentation for the Lawry’s corporate offices as well as all of the southern California restaurants. You make the Health & Safety days a positive experience
Inez Drummond, Principal, The Best Practices Group, Lawry’s Corporation
I cannot say enough about the level of expertise and compassion I’ve received from Liza Boubari. I have visited this little “bungalow of healing” many times, and it really is such a valuable resource for anyone who is stressed, confused, suffering and in need of support and direction. Liza goes above and beyond with her clients–the concern she has is genuine. Liza is a tremendous hypnotherapist, helping you to realize your self-worth and access your abilities. She brings such light into her clients’ lives
Diane F., Pasadena, CA