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Words impact your thoughts, and thoughts create your reality. 

Each book is to help you learn more about your patterns. (Evoke) recognize your past blueprint – (Embrace) your present habits and behaviors, (Evolve) choose to shift and grow to a better version of you. Transformation begins when you heal within.

For better impact, I highly recommend you pair the books with its audio recording, only to amplify the effect of your thoughts, behaviors, and newly formed habits. You Matter

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With each audio recording, you get to experience guided visualization and hypnosis narrated by Liza.  Allow each positive mindset accompanied with powerful suggestions to guide you towards healing within – transforming to a Better You.

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These are gemstone quality bracelets, not made of glass or plastic.  Each is associated with a difference chakra color.  The bracelets come in their own handy pouch with a special affirmation card.  Enjoy!

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