Hypnotherapy and Stress Management to Evoke - Embace - Evolve - You Matter

Liza Boubari

Your Vision is Our Mission

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing over 20 years, I have gone through a massive transformation of my own. I overcame abuse, ovarian cysts, panic and anxiety, and stopped smoking for good. My mission is now to help you to Stand UP for who you are as you heal within through understanding your patterns, shifting your thoughts and beliefs to BEcome the best version of You – because You Matter

Through hypnotherapy, you tap into your subconscious mind to shift emotions and alter certain habits, behaviors, and beliefs, which cause you stress and anxiety. I treat you as a whole, not just your issues, by providing a safe environment for your journey towards a healthier you.

I am a firm believer that things do not happen to us, but for us. You are here because you are ready for a change. What you believe about yourself creates your reality. How you feel about yourself dictates what you’ll achieve. Knowing how to transform yourself can free you from self-limitations.

The 3E Method is:

  • Evoke what was (your history)
  • Embrace what is (your present reality)
  • Evolve to what will be (your desired future)

Imagine for a moment what life would be like if you had the key to free yourself from your fears, concerns, and self-imposed limitations.

Healing within is to have inner peace, joy, and harmony.  You have the power to create a new story.

Let me help you build it.

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Words Matter

Catch Liza live on Tuesdays at Noon PST on Facebook, or find all the Heal Talk Tuesday videos on Liza’s YouTube channel.

Words Matter

Catch Liza live on Tuesdays at Noon PST on Facebook, or find all the Heal Talk Tuesday videos on Liza’s YouTube channel.

What Our Clients Say about Hypnotherapy

“. . .I finally feel happy at work during high workload periods. . .”
I was finding myself drowning in my responsibilities at work, feeling bogged down by stress and my inability to handle difficult co-workers. After my session with Liza, I find myself sitting at work, feeling like I am calmer and have control. The people I used to believe were difficult are no longer a problem and I finally feel at ease and happy at work during high workload periods.~ Patrick M.

Anna K

Anna K

I found Liza during mid pandemic when my stress level was so high and all I knew I needed someone to talk to. I only had couple of visits with her so far, and thank you for having them in person btw, but I can say Liza helped me so much. She guided me to look within myself and see things that now seem so obvious but never did before. Liza addresses weight problems and although I didn't come to her with that concern, however that have been my issue for years, she opened my eyes on how it's really all in my head. After just couple of sessions I swear I went a size down in my clothing, it fits so much better and I cannot be more happier. I guess what I am trying to say, if you read this far, book the appointment and experience the magic of hypnotherapy and healing with Liza's help. Liza thank you so much for all your support.
Natalie C

Natalie C

I started freaking out right before giving birth to my daughter. I was afraid of the pain. I could not slow my breathing down, I'd naturally hold my breath every time I got anxious about giving birth. I knew that would be so unproductive in childbirth. The day before I went into labor I called Liza freaking out & asked if it was too late for a hypnobirthing session. She was so sweet & reassuring. It was my first experience with hypnotherapy & it was great. I left feeling so relaxed. The following day, I went into labor. I labored at home for almost 3 hours using calming/breathing/visualization techniques that Liza taught me. When I got to the hospital, I was calm & talking/joking/laughing with my husband. I am so grateful to Liza for helping me calm down enough to enjoy the experience of bringing my baby into the world. Thanks, Liza!
Karen O

Karen O

Liza is the best! I have been suffering from IBS for over 10 years now. When I came to her I had tried everything else and was desperate for some relief. I just wanted to feel normal. I did 5 sessions with her and can honestly say she saved me from the vicious cycle of laxative abuse that I was in. I found that I really enjoyed my time being there with her. It was very relaxing and I ended up getting more out of our sessions than just relief from the IBS. There were other areas of my life that I knew I wanted to change and she was able to bring those to light and give me the push that I needed to focus on them. I would recommend Liza to any of my friends and family...and actually already have a friend that is going to her to quit smoking. She gets two thumbs up in my book!