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Welcome to HealWithin Hypnotherapy
Where Transformation Begins

HealWithin provides a safe environment for your journey towards a healthier you. Through Hypnotherapy and various Stress Management techniques, we help you overcome and let go of behaviors or habits that no longer serve you. We use Liza’s signature 3E method. What separates HealWithin from others, is that we treat YOU as a whole, not only your issues.

Self-discovery and healing are how you shift what you think, say and feel, that can forever alter the way you experience life and all its abundance. Make an appointment and start your journey.

We offer sincere help – providing you tools to:

  • regain confidence
  • raise self-esteem
  • release fears and anxieties

Isn’t it time for you to start living your life victoriously – You Matter.

Your Past History does not Define your New Story

Imagine, for a moment, what life would be like if you had the key to free yourself from your fears, concerns and self-imposed limitations –

Who would you be?
How would you look and feel?
What dreams will become a reality?

To create extraordinary health you must defy odds, break through negative patterns, overcome obstacles and manifest your true potential. It’s easy to identify a problem; the real job is to figure out a practical solution. Now is the time, make an appointment.

The journey to self discovery begins when you identify what matters most to you.

~Liza Boubari

It’s time to…
Evoke what was (the past-history),
Embrace what is (the present-reality),
Evolve to what will be (the future-story)

Let’s explore how we can be a team in helping you heal within and transform. I’m here for you.

Why HealWithin?

What separates HealWithin from others is that we treat YOU as a whole, not only your issues.

To provide a caring and compassionate environment where you can transform and heal through proven holistic and therapeutic techniques.

We strive to stand by each individual during their personal journey towards self-renewal and inner healing.

We are dedicated to the wellness of our clients, as a whole.

Individual Wellness

Find out how hypnotherapy can help you clear away behaviors and habits that no longer serve you.

Corporate Wellness

Unlock the essentials to corporate wellness and productivity.

Women’s Wellness

Discover how hypnotherapy can be a part of wellness, for all stages of a woman’s life.

Wellness Seminars
& Events

Mark your calendar for HealWithin events, seminars and workshops.

Wellness Products

Browse the HealWithin Shop and discover hypnosis with essential audio recordings, books and accessories.

Located in Glendale, California, in a welcoming cottage style atmosphere, HealWithin serves the Southern California community including Hollywood, Los Angeles, Burbank, and Pasadena. Liza is fluent in English, Armenian and Farsi. Sessions are also available via Skype or Facetime.

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Let’s explore possibilities – Start Living not Existing.

I look forward to working with you towards your overall wellness!
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You can tune in live on Tuesdays at Noon PST on Facebook, or find it on Wednesday at HealWithin or see all the Heal Talk Tuesday videos on YouTube.

Are you ready to take the first step toward your personal journey?

  • If your belief about yourself is that you are not good enough, smart enough, loved enough, thin or attractive enough, your life becomes limited and constricted.
  • If you feel happy with who you are and safe in your environment, then your life expands infinitely.
  • You are the only one who can decide when it is time for change. Through Healwithin hypnotherapy and my coaching, I guide you to be the change.

What Our Clients Say

“. . .I finally feel happy at work during high workload periods. . .”
I was finding myself drowning in my responsibilities at work, feeling bogged down by stress and my inability to handle difficult co-workers. After my session with Liza I find myself sitting at work, feeling like I am calmer and have control. The people I used to believe were difficult are no longer a problem and I finally feel at ease and happy at work during high workload periods. ~ Patrick M.