We read and hear about this all the time, about how we have to “control” our emotions, and how some emotions are “negative.”  Emotions are simply feelings, and these feelings are information about what’s happening within. Angry, happy, sad, scared, and bored are messages from the inner voice suggesting courses of action, and trying to censor or determine what information comes along inevitably leads to confusion, guilt, disease, self-destruction or hatred, and possibly substance abuse.  Overeating is the number one numbing means for uncomfortable emotions, followed by overwork, alcohol, and tobacco.

While we cannot control our emotions nor should we want to, we can influence them with the only thing in life that we do have total control over – our thoughts. We can only be responsible for our actions and reactions, which include our thinking.

Instead of chasing “happiness” let us experience the balance of human life while staying connected to and respectful of our inner voice.

For instance, if we choose to obsess about the imaginary future, trying to cover every possible turn of events unknown to us, then fear and worry will follow that stagnated thinking and suffocate us. On the other hand, if we take a calm or mindful approach and plan for the future and focus our thoughts on the wonders of the moment – our emotions will consequently relate to the flow of the moment. To do this, we must build inner confidence to handle whatever new adventure confronts us.  Hypnotherapy can help you regain your confidence and be more connected to your true core self – creating joy within.

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.”– Anne Frank