Listen to Your Body Talk

Your body can and does communicate with you at all times. Most likely, you are not paying attention to your body. When you over extend yourself and tend to others needs and put yourself in the back burner, you could be stuffing resentment and unresolved emotions and feelings back into your body.

My body broke down on me over two decades. Working as an assistant to attorney for 12 hours a day, coming out of toxic relationship and filing for divorce, I had developed carpel-tunnel, knee problems, tension in my neck and back. To make matters worse, I was in excruciating pain due to yet another cyst on my ovaries and was told to prepare for yet another surgery.  You see, all the stress on the outside was piling up on me, all the while I kept pushing for longer hours, going out, and ignored my body.  It was through hypnotherapy that I healed my bodies symptoms and pain – as so can you.

Today I help my clients listen to their body and heal from within.

Are you ready to take the time to become more tender, caring and responsible to your body and for who you are? The decision to stop running from YOU involves a major commitment. Begin living your life for yourself, respecting yourself and appreciating who you are.  Here are 3 simple ways.

1- Start by letting go old habits that have been blocking your true feelings. Habits that have supported and cushioned you to this day. For example, smoking, overeating, oversleeping, drugs, alcohol, gambling, insomnia, anorexia and many others that help you deny your true self. Even a relationship that sucks the life out of you, gives you nothing in return and makes you feel bad is another example of a bad habit.

2- Begin by creating or finding yourself a safe haven. This may be your own room, your backyard, or at a friend’s house.  Remember, as you let go of your old habits that mask your feelings, you may experience and begin to feel the tension behind or beneath those habits.

3- Stop the excuses. It’s OK to allow the suppressed, hurt or angry feelings surface. Become sensitive to what’s happening within your body, your feelings.

  • Let your feelings out, speak up, cry, even laugh louder.
  • Let the knots in the back of your neck and shoulders come undone.
  • Let tension go.

Knowing that it may be hard at first, it’s time for you to listen to your body talk. Trust and accept yourself.

Lastly, you do have a choice and deserve better. Take time out for yourself – tend to your body and in turn, your body will shield and protect you lovingly for the longest time.

Call to schedule an appointment and begin to heal within.