Why Do Our Clients Recommend Us?

You might be wondering what it is like to be hypnotized, and why our clients recommend us. Here are testimonials and videos from our clients that show and tell you about hypnotherapy and why our clients consistently recommend Liza Boubari’s services.

Stand Up to Slim Down

Irma talks about Stand Up to Slim Down

What is Hypnosis Like?

Rowena explains what it is like to be hypnotized – October 2018

Medical Professionals

Here a dentist talks about using hypnosis for pain instead of anesthetics.

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Cards and Letters

Thank you for CD helps with pain from surgeryDear Liza,

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the help you gave me as I recovered from my back surgery. It made a remarkable difference in my reduction of pain, far more than medication and with only positive side effects – relaxation and relief, hope and a feeling of well being.

I’ve enjoyed the CD “Release Pain and Heal” and can feel such an improvement every day. You’re a blessing and I’m so grateful to have met you at a time when I needed it so much. (Perhaps there was some Divine intervention there!)

Many thanks for being such a significant part of my healing journey.

~ Kimberly Martin

Dear Liza –

This note is long overdue to thank you so much for the hypnobirthing CD. Even though it was late in the game for me to decide on using hypnobirthing techniques it was still so useful to listen to your CD in the weeks ahead and hear your calming voice.

I’m so happy I had the CD as it really helped ease my anxiety as they prepped me for surgery. Honestly wasn’t expecting to be as nervous as I was! Haha! Also, thank you for your lovely card – it was such a nice surprise! I can’t wait for you to meet her! Love you!

~ Lisa & Gracie

What Our Clients Say

Liza is amazing, I have done 5 sessions with her, and during each session, she is able to make me feel so relaxed, calm, and peaceful. She has helped me see things for what they really are, and to stop repeating the same bad habits and cycle. I have also realized so much about the past and triggers, and how to deal with them in a more healthy way. I also have noticed I have so much more energy now than I did before, and my health problems have improved significantly. I recommend Liza to anyone who wants to make a healthier change in their life.~Pamela C

“. . .I finally feel happy at work during high workload periods. . .”
I was finding myself drowning in my responsibilities at work, feeling bogged down by stress and my inability to handle difficult co-workers. After my session with Liza, I find myself sitting at work, feeling like I am calmer and have control. The people I used to believe were difficult are no longer a problem and I finally feel at ease and happy at work during high workload periods.~ Patrick M.

Just a note to express our gratitude to you.  You have helped Kyle through hypnosis again, and again. We came to you for his fear and anxiety playing ball – batting. We knew there had to be something wrong since he loves the game. In two simple session, you helped him get over his fear and get on the field.  I know Kyle called you personally to tell you that his team went to win 3 games in a row and got to playoffs.  Thank you, Liza – you were a lifesaver for our son. ~ L. Wilcox

Liza – I feel that some barriers are falling and I’m beginning to move away from being stuck in that cycle of feeling pain every time I think of my past.  Our sessions consolidate all the sessions and this week, you used the phrase of “stand up” for your inner child.  That was what I needed to let go and feel empowered.  I am free of the past and ready to live life more openly.~ Danita W