• Do you feel so exhausted and overwhelmed taking care of everyone else’s expectations, tending to their needs and wants, all the while leaving you with no time to yourself?
  • Do you often feel depleted and zapped of energy?
  • Do you feel rushed to take a shower or worse, guilty to soak in for a nice long bath?

Is it possible that you are not aware what drains you or pushes your buttons?  Isn’t it time to give yourself permission to relax?  Here are 3 simple techniques that promises to wash away stress and tension, change your mood and attitude, and help your body feel healthier and lighter instantly?

It’s very simple.  Each of these techniques can help you relax, unwind, cleanse and feel good from the inside-out. Give yourself time to be with YOU – Carve out 10 minutes for easy, fast feel gooders!

1- Shower away.

Starting today – you are to take longer showers.  Actually only 10 extra minutes. From the moment you close the shower door or curtain, you can shut everything else out.
Turn the faucet to the perfect temperature you like. (cool water will cool you down, hot water will warm you up).

Stand facing opposite the shower (your back to the faucet), tilt your head backwards just a bit so that the water can come trickling down from the top of your head down to your face. Close your eyes and be one with the water running down your forehead, eyes, cheekbones, down to your neck and chest. Allow it to run down and wet your entire body. Breathe in and exhale gently.

As you begin to shampoo your hair, massage your entire scalp gently, then vigorously for a 30 seconds.  Then let the water wash down the shampoo and suds away…
Now begin to hum or sing.  No judgments here – just do so. Corky as it may sound, you are doing loads of loving self care.

Water is a cleanseryou are washing away all negativity.
Shampooing creates bubbles and foam (remembering your inner-child who loved to play with bubbles).

The scent of your shampoo or body wash awakens your senses to smell.
The sounds you make as you hum or sing open your throat Chakra, and your voice vibrates your vocal cords – honor your voice.  (your inner child loves to hear her/his voice- especially if it is of a giggle or laughter).

When you begin to wash or loofah your body, you awaken all the nerve endings and the biggest organ in your body-your skin.  The pores open to your touch as you wash your body. (you can double the joy and your senses by having someone wash your body)!

All this – while the water washes and clears all the stress, tension, worry, pain, hurt and anxiety away. You CAN now let it all wash away and watch negativity go down the drain!  This is the perfect time to let go of what is no longer worthy of you, forgive yourself for holding on to what was, grateful to your body and for awakening all your senses and living in here and now.  Walk out feeling refreshed as your body feels fresh and clean!

2- Cleansing with salt water.

The salt water remedy is a simple but powerful spiritual remedy to counteract the harmful unseen negative energy and drain it out of your system.

Each one of us is affected by some jealousy, envy, greed, and bad energy to varying degrees. As a result, we are susceptible to having and holding to some degree of black/negative energy in our bodies. Performing the salt water treatment on weekly daily basis helps to remove this energy from your body. Salt water treatment should especially be done when one experiences symptoms such as:

  • Lethargy
  • Reduction in promptness – dragging
  • Inability to think clear – feeling stuck or emotional block
  • Excessive thoughts especially when they are negative in nature
  • Anger or any other extreme emotion such as screaming with no good reason
  • Stress – Physical or mental
  • Any form of physical illness

When you are experiencing any one of the above symptoms, you are in a weakened state physically, emotionally or spiritually – and open to attract and infuse more negative/black energy.  By clearing, cleansing, humming, singing, laughing and dancing, you shift your inner energy to love, light and joy.

3- Lemonade Water Cleanse

This diet method was initially developed in 1940 by Stanley Burroughs, who practiced alternative health and medicine, as a cure for ulcers. Thirty years later, Burroughs published a book describing the benefits of this liquid diet not only as a cure for stomach ulcers but also as a way to cleanse the body and shed excess fat within a few weeks.

Salt Water Flush
The salt water flush (6 to 12 ounces of water plus 2 tablespoons of non-iodized salt) is to be taken first thing in the morning before your lemonade drink. The theory is that the salt water helps to stimulate the bowels and flush out the system.

The Lemonade Water cleanse.
A mixture of lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup, this drink is meant to jump-start your metabolism and give you enough calories and carbohydrates to get through the day. Cayenne pepper is a metabolic booster, while maple syrup is an unprocessed, natural sugar which provides your body with energy. And because lemons contain antioxidants, they help to flush toxins out of your system.

Traditionally, the lemonade cleanse is meant to be followed rigidly for 10 days; after ten days, you can begin reintroducing other foods – juice and vegetable soup at first, followed by raw fruits and vegetables. Some say to cut out all meat and dairy products for a length of time.

How to Make this Lemonade Water Cleanse
Mix the following items in a container
2 TBSP lemon juice – preferably freshly squeezed.
2 TBSP pure Grade B maple syrup (no artificially flavored syrups)
1/10 TSP of cayenne pepper (powder form)
8 OZ warm water (purified or spring)

Solid foods and no fruit are not allowed while being on this cleanse. It is vital to maintain the strictly liquid diet to flush the toxins adequately out of the body and the digestive track system.

Splash and play with water~
Live Victoriously,