Children and Teen issues

Kids have better imagination than most adults!

Hypnosis is basically a technique of giving direct or post hypnotic suggestions while the child is in a relaxed focused state of trance. Working with children, Direct suggestions and Post Hypnotic suggestions can last as little as 2-3 days or several weeks until a new behavior takes place of the suggestion. It is very safe and can be quite easy, as it is essentially a guided daydream.

Hypnotherapy and guided visualization involves the use of regression and analysis techniques to find the cause of a symptom. In cases of ADD (attention deficit disorder) the symptom could be described as the need for attention. The analysis used would enable the subconscious mind to find the cause and the therapy would create new behaviors to achieve the same need.

Children and Teens

Treatable issues include:

  • Trauma
  • Fears and Nightmares
  • Eating Healthy
  • Overcoming Limitations
  • Self Confidence
  • Focused Attention
  • Bed Wetting
  • Spelling and Learning Disabilities
  • Stuttering
  • Anger
  • Abuse
  • Bullying
For children the world revolves around them until experience helps expand that world. As they are the “center,” then everything is where they are. If there are problems in the family, they take on those as their own. If parents are having trouble in relating well, their children can become fearful and guilty, as if they were the cause or should have prevented it in some way. This is what creates “Adult or Mature Children.”
When a child finds out that he/she isn’t bad or broken, and doesn’t need to be fixed with medication, behaviors can then change. When a child can go into his/her brain and find the “controls” that relax the mind, or focus the mind when it’s needed, they can take responsibility for the excess energy and slow it down on demand. One thing to keep in mind is that the cause and the method to create the change are different for every child.
The doorway between the conscious and the unconscious mind is the imagination. For children, it’s relatively easy to reach at the deepest levels, in a much quicker time than required by a good many adults. Stories, adventures, visualization, imaginative games, role-playing, magic, puppets, and costumes work most effectively with children. Any tools that stimulate the imagination should be at the hypnotherapist’s disposal.
Actually, there is not an ideal state called hypnosis. It is basically a relaxed focused state of concentration. This might be a stretch for some; however, with children it is not necessary to have a deeply relaxed state. They are basically in a trance most of the time. Up until the age of 8, most kids have a brain wave pattern that shows alpha wavelength about 80% of the time. Alpha is similar to a hypnotic trance.
That’s what make believe is all about! We call it visualization. For children it is most of their waking state.
There are many things that adults do that increase the problem. Certainly they don’t consciously want to; it’s just that they may not understand how the subconscious mind works. Parents and teachers must understand the power of their words. Repeating suggestions of what you DON’T want the child to do, will only create more of the same problem.
STOP running around!
Why can’t you just stop being noisy?
You are always bouncing off the walls.
Why are you always trying to make me crazy?
You will never settle down and focus on your school work.
the child may overhear a parent say to another adult:
We have tried everything and he is still out of control. I don’t think anything will work.
We are trying a new medication and hopefully that will help.
His teachers cannot keep him in control.
These statements that are overheard carry a lot of truth and validity. The child who overhears you talking to another can feel very hopeless and useless. Let your child overhear you saying something great about him, phrased in a way that might just direct his or her brain to do feel the way they need to feel! Therapy includes informing the parents and caregivers of the power of their words and actions. Another aspect of Hypnotherapy addresses the willingness of the parents to find new ways to empower the child.
Some children can be taught to build a machine (imaginary) in their brain to help them focus, relax, learn, or be more successful at sports. When children are taught about these brain machines they feel more in control and instead of feeling broken, they can create what they DO need to succeed.
We encourage our parents to come in during the initial consultation and perhaps therapy. Although having parents sit out in the reception area (where they can hear everything) is highly recommended. This gives kids a sense of power that they can do this on their own.
Children can be difficult, yet easy to treat! We will find the best way of treatment for your child or recommend other means than can better serve their special needs.

Teen Building

From workshops on self-esteem, self talk and body image, group and private sessions, 

my Teen Life Coaching program has something to suit every teen’s needs. Plus we have fun while we are doing it!

All behavior is an attempt to meet an underlying need. Let’s ask ourselves these questions:

  • What does my teen need and want?
  • Do you they want you to hear and understand them?
  • Are you seeing them for who they are and what they can do?
  • Do you know your teen?

Words matter

Intention is the key of communication. When you communicate, what is your intention? A common belief is that a strong person does not need anything, or anyone, and that a good person puts others’ needs first. Well…if you believe this theory, then you may be behaving in destructive ways that do you no good.

There is nothing wrong with needing…yet, be aware not to be trapped by becoming “needy”. You need consideration and respect for the challenges you face while maturing. You must also understand there is no perfection. Your parents are not perfect and neither are you.

<h3>The Media</h3>

Our modern century provides an enormous spread of negative influences on our youth.  Television and movies regularly present violence, sex and innuendo as the norm. Shallowness and self-centeredness are projected by sit-coms on TV by unmarried 30 year olds who are totally wrapped up in themselves. Advertising and acquisition are other primary images, as parents go crazy trying to get the child whatever the child wants.

Complimentary Consultation

I am a true believer in youth empowerment and encouragement.

My strategy is to develop rapport, instill self-confidence and help raise self-esteem.
Complimentary Consultation

What clients are saying

Just a note to let you know how happy I am for the help you provided my son. Do you remember how depressed he was before you helped him? I still believe you were God sent to us at the time we needed it the most.” You are on top of my referrals list!
Silvia D., Los Angeles, CA
My son’s fear of the dark was gone after just two sessions.
Linda P. , Los Angeles, CA