Ways to Stop Smoking

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STOP Smoking Forever with Hypnosis and Heal Within!   Cigarettes don’t kill you – You choose to put cigarettes in your mouth – no one forces you. You do have a choice.  Choose Health! Did you know hookah smoking involves

Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy

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Actress Kirsten Dunst has revealed that she used hypnotherapy to help her kick her smoking habit. The 29-year-old Melancholia star said she has successfully undergone hypnosis in the past to conquer her addiction to nicotine. Actress Kirsten Dunst has quit smoking

Smoke Out Day

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The Great American SmokeOut traditionally takes place on the third Thursday in November.  Although the Great American SmokeOut is a good idea, in practice it has not worked for millions of people.  Less than 1% stop smoking on this day. Here