Release the Old Story – Find Your True Self!
Through hypnotherapy many find a deeper understanding of themselves. The interconnection is like dead leafs and petals gently falling – only to allow ones core beauty reveal itself and blossom. It’s truly beautiful and fulfilling to witness the transformations. Nothing beats this sense of inner pride when my clients experience their own change, the miraculous emerging of the crystal clear Soul that is possible when the mind unhooks from its self-sabotaging or created blocks or story.

My mission is help clients release their emotional burden and weight.
Jane, a client of mine (not her real name) was able to lose over 10 lbs in less than two months. This is the most she’d ever lost during her adult life. The thought of being able to do this without strict diet or excessive workout was not conceivable to her. Through her sessions she realized how much pain and grudge she’d been harboring, plus holding on to an argument that was not yet resolved between her and her sister, had unknowingly placed protective layers of fat on her.   After weeks of hypnosis and home assignments, not only did Jane lose over 10 lbs, she felt lighter, thinner and more confident and happier with herself.  Weeks later she shared being on ‘Silver’ dating site, but accepted to go on dates.  At age 62 she found her new body, herself and a loving  partner.

Isn’t it time for you to let go of being mesmerized by what was and accept the what is?  Time to FEEL. Time to break free of the old story only to stand up, peel away, let go and to forgive.  Forgive yourself for holding on to all that crap. The result is the feeling that comes through… a sense of freedom and lightness, a release.  Transformation is inevitable, it can happen immediately or gradually.  Once you are a willing participant in achieving your desired image or life – it happens!  

Here is what one client wrote few days ago:
“My girlfriend reminded me of what you told me during our sessions. “Love myself. Respect myself. I’m worth it.” I mentioned you to her & my sessions with you. I do practice the things that you’ve told me…I’ve become a better person. I’ve never been happier. Thank you for being a part of a better me. You’ve changed my life. Stay blessed. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. You are a blessing to everyone you meet. Thank you”

To live victoriously is to come to believe ‘You Matter’. You have as much right to be healthy, loved, happy, successful as anyone else. You have the power within – I only help you evoke and bring it forth, so that you can in turn embrace all that you are and evolve to the best that awaits you.