As Women we are not only to experience, but to express openly.
We must stop hiding, even when we are afraid of judgment.
We are better than that. We know we are children of God and there is something magical and mystical in each of us.

Being authentic to who we are – stop shoving the hurt and pain down only to hide and say everything is all right. Being vulnerable is scary, yet powerful when we open up our heart and share our experiences only to overcome challenges.
Being genuine is to stop pretending and glorifying for the sake of keeping face.
Become stronger, more positive and courageous, remain hopeful and keep faith.

Knowing that in every challenge there is a gift and an opportunity. If we think we have done everything and still find ourselves without resolve, then we must step up, stand up, go beyond.

Let us face our challenges and not run away or numb the pain, but be daring and willing to unveil and face the old story.
Let us learn to persevere so that we can in turn hold and help others shine at their best!
Let us become The 3E Women.  Together we Stand Up, Go beyond, and Live life Victoriously – because “We Matter”.

Evoke your passion – express yourself-express your feelings;

Embrace your femininity – the abundant wealth of resources within;

Evolve spiritually – transform by tapping into the power within.

Live Victoriously – “You Matter” -Liza