What's on Your Bucket List

Today’s session: Your Bucket List

Welcome to Heal-Talk Tuesdays with Liza.

If you have something on your bucket list and you’ve been wanting it, desiring it, and have a passion for it then go for it. Set it as something that you want because when your juices start flowing, when your desire and passion become far greater, happier and joyous, and you’re looking forward to it – it becomes a reality.

That’s why visualization, plus science mental aptitude, plus working and seeing and knowing and doing something over and over makes everything become a reality for you.

So how do we do it in hypnosis and hypnotherapy? We guide you from your conscious state of the awake state into that state of relaxation by listening and visualizing, so that you can easily and gently tap with them and shift and rotate edit behaviors, thoughts, ideas, concepts, and patterns. After 33 days you see the result and another 33 days and three months down the line now you have a brand new habit, a healthier habit, a better habit, a habit that you’ve been wanting.

If and when you choose to shift a habit and you are ready for it by only let’s give me a call.

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I encourage you to read the excellent book by Gary Chapman, The Five Languages of Love.

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