Hypnotherapy Can Boost Your Confidence

Through hypnotherapy and use of hypnosis we ‘bridge’ your conscious and subconscious mind – from where you are now (feeling depressed and lacking confidence) to your destination (feeling better and confident) – doing what you want to do easily and comfortably.

In the corner shelve in my therapy office sits this pink statue on a piece of white wood with scribbles. Most folks consider it an odd piece, and often it has been a subject of conversation.

About two years into my practice, a beautiful young lady (to protect her identity, I’ll call her “Pat”) became a client–her issue then, self-esteem/confidence, shyness, body image and feeling blocked as an artist.

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She shared being depressed. She did not like herself and lacked interest in drawing or creating. Although she was told by her peers that her work is quite good, she did not believe them. Let me inject here that she was also a stunning looking young lady with beautiful green eyes and high cheek bones – yet, she did not see or believe that of herself.

So we agreed to work on what was most important to her first – her art.

One thing that soon came to light was how confident she was as an artist and creating her art. She’d light up talking about her work, how she created each piece and what each piece meant to her.  She was proud of herself as an artist – but not who she was.

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Most people do not associate shy and introvert to also being quite confident. Confidence is a learned experience – the more you do something the better you get – the better you get and feel, the more confident you become.  Let me add that she had tremendous talent and that her work was quite recognized in her industry.

First few hypnotherapy sessions were on building her self-esteem (not the confidence).  Self-esteem equates to self-worth and self-love. Sessions later, she recognized and acknowledged her gifts, plus her outer beauty – what others saw and told her so. I recall her say: “people say she’s talented because she is beautiful”.  For the longest time she’d wear drabs, no make-up, would not comb her hair solely not to attract people, especially men to her. She only wanted to be seen as an artist and not as a beautiful woman.

Her assignment for 33 consecutive days was to listen to my “Relax and Unwind” recording, and to compliment herself in front of the mirror each time she brushed her teeth.

The one to the last session Pat walked in dressed nicely, having a light make up and her hair beautifully lingering down her shoulders, plus wearing the biggest smile on her face!
She’d started to appreciate herself. She also realized her talent was very much intact and that she would no longer discard the beautiful young girl within her. I recall her hugging me and saying “thank you for helping me see the beauty in me –inside and out”!

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Few months later she sold one of her most expensive pieces of art she’d created several years back!

On her last session, Pat walked into my office with a box, and in it “The Pink One.”  She named it ‘The Pink One’ because:

The pinkness – coming from darkness to having blood flow through her body and feeling alive again,

The kneeling- holding herself lovingly;

The scribbles on the base flowing and creating – done by her left creative hand,

The base – she can be alone and feel safe.

I like my body, I can let go of the darkness, I am a good artist – I Matter.

Many of us learn to hide things about ourselves – only to protect a part of us. What we do not realize is that subconsciously we come to resent the part of us that denies the very part we want to be validated and loved.

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Through the years I have received many gifts as a form of thank you or token of appreciation, but none have touched my heart and mattered to me as much as The Pink One!

Do you feel a block? Do you spend a lot of time resisting something? Do you hide a part of you that you now want to express and let free? I can help.  Schedule a complimentary consultation with me and let’s talk.

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A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

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