Do you feel overwhelmed with daily gotta do this, gotta do that’s?
Do you feel resentful tending to other’s needs before yours?
Do you feel you have no time to yourself?

Now that the holidays are over, you try to make changes in your life, with family, parents, kids, lover, or doing the work you love.  You want to “find yourself,” create real depth and connection, and just be happy, secure, and in love with life. How many times it seems like every step forward you take is met with two crashing steps backwards, where you feel exhausted to even try again and want to walkway.  Each time wanting to scream, yet you comply, with a sense of duty and love.

So if you’re feeling like life is impossible and overwhelming, know that I hear you. I know. Our experiences and journeys are different, yet I understand. I know you don’t want to hear “chin up”, “be more positive” and “this too shall pass.” When you’re overwhelmed and overloaded at home or work, it can be easy to feel trapped – in mind and body.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear and anxiety. It can also be used to help in coping with the symptoms of feeling overwhelmed and anxiousness. It’s normal to feel anxious and sometimes depressed, but when your worries and fears become overwhelming and interfere with your daily life, you may be doing yourself more harm.  Time to break down the walls and set some boundaries to care for yourself.

There are many effective treatments and self-help strategies.  Here are steps you can take to reduce your symptoms and regain control of your life.

  1. Take 10 minutes and go for a walk around the block. The fresh air will clear your head.
  2. Let go of “have to” “must do” attitude.  Ask yourself:  Does this really need to get done by me?  Delegate.
  3. Stop reading. Shut down the iphone and the computer. Put the cup of coffee down, and go to bed.  Sleep.
  4. Take 15 minutes a day – to step back and look at your life from a distance.
  5. Stop complaining – it can make you feel even worse – like a helpless, angry victim.
  6. Say no – diplomatically and graciously, but still no – this can be a life-saver.
  7. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Pray, meditate, talk to a friend, use self-hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis.  This is not to swing a pendulum in front of your eyes and repeat “I am getting sleepier and sleepier…” During a panic attack, your rational mind is under siege and difficult to access. But because hypnosis works on your subconscious mind, you can use it to calm yourself with a simple physical and mental trigger.  You can try this simple technique and stop anxiety attacks – through self-hypnosis.

Get comfortable. Get as comfortable as possible, but not so much so that you’ll fall asleep. Do not lay down, rather sit in a reclining position or prop some pillows behind your head.  Gently, close your eyes and focus on relaxing each part of your body one by one starting with your head and working down to your toes.  If your mind wonders, that’s all right, bring your attention back to your body.

Start the journey. Hypnosis helps to stop anxiety by creating an experience of deep calm you can return to any time with a simple trigger. Begin by recalling or picturing the most relaxing place you can imagine. It might be a warm beach, sitting in front of a fireplace, or if you a golfer, putting on the green. Whatever your scene, make sure it’s a place that makes you feel good and that your whole body and mind can feel at ease there.

The key to using hypnosis to stop anxiety is to take your time and let your body and mind settle into the calm and peace you are creating. Take some time to hear, see and feel the deepening peace of this place whether it’s the wind in the trees or the water lapping on the beach.  Then gently say:

Self Talk. “I am at ease, I feel peaceful, happy and perfectly in control of my life, I easily cope with everything that happens, I am safe, I am in control, I feel calm, I matter”.

Use your own words if you need to. Then, when you’re ready, press or pinch the fold of skin between your thumb and first finger on your right hand. Then repeat, “I am at ease, I feel peaceful, happy and perfectly in control of my life, I easily cope with everything that happens. I can relax at will, simply by pressing my fingers and thinking of this place.”  Each time I press it’ll remind me of this place of calm, comfort and ease within me. I am safe. I am in control. I feel calm. I matter.

Come back. When you’re ready, imagine yourself returning to the present. Count slowly from ten down to zero as you let the sounds of the everyday world return to you. When you finish counting you ought to feel calm and relaxed.

The next time you want to stop anxiety or a panic attack, just press the fold of skin between your thumb and first finger on your right hand and you’ll return to the calm and peace of the special place you’ve created for yourself.

If you want to have your anxiety or other problems sorted, then we need to talk.  Contact me TODAY. There is no reason why you should not live life lovingly, in peace and victoriously – ‘You do Matter’.