Interrupt the Pattern – See the Change in You

Change in You!

Are you ready for your big change? Every year seems the same, many talk about a fresh start, new goals and New Year’s Resolutions.  It is a proven fact that typically these changes do not last longer than February, right up to Valentines. This is not inspiring. We are our own worst critique and a bit too hard on ourselves. 

My experience is that there are many ways to really create shifts in life that lead us to more fulfilled living and creating the life of our dreams. We can begin to do this through small lifestyle changes. One of the best ways to do this is by using Pattern Interrupts or Confusion Techniques.  Those who train in the gym or go for hikes know this very well.  You must confuse the body and the muscles so that it does not fall into the same old routine. That’s how easy it is. I use similar techniques and teach my clients how to shift and reset their mindset. What if we use them to keep our brains fresh and our awareness heightened.

Why would you want to use this technique? 

Only to get out of your rut. To make a change within you for the better.

If you feel comfortable with your life, your body and how you feel, then you have no reason to make any changes. Keep on doing the same thing – but here is the caveat, don’t expect anything different.

So what is a Pattern Interrupt?

A Pattern Interrupt is a deliberate decision/action to do something you normally do by habit, but differently.  Change the expected to unexpected, even the surprise element. It’s a way to change what we do day in-day out automatically by habit. There are auto pilot things we do without mindful thinking.  i.e. brushing our teeth, checking e-mail or browsing FaceBook, having coffee first thing every morning, even driving to work or calling someone at the same time each day. 

 Here are some examples of Pattern Interrupts: 

  1. When you leave your house, take a different route twice a week if possible or down a new street.
  2. Move a piece of furniture in your home (once a month)
  3. Eat at a different time even if it’s just 15 minutes later or earlier
  4. Compliment one thing about yourself each time you are in front of the mirror. (Perfect time is brushing your teeth).
  5. Cut the food in half before you start eating – leave the last bite on the plate (share it with the Universe).  You do not need to hoard every bite.
  6. Skip the dishes and spend time with loved ones or read a book before you go back to it
  7. Change one eating habit (different fruit), or go grocery shopping on a different day of the week than you usually go
  8. Take a walk outside instead of going to the gym
  9. Sleep half hour earlier than your norm
  10. Burn a candle or sage your home/office once a week.  

What are the benefits of these Pattern Interrupts? 

If you want to make changes in your life big or small, you will need to create new neural pathways which are like roads in your brain. When you choose to change your life your desired result may not reveal as quickly as we would like, yet with repetition and some patience, it will come. When you practice Pattern Interrupts, and shift these patterns & habits, you will enter a space to receive miracles and opportunities that you might have not seen due to your old habits. 

It takes time to make changes. Start with something small so you can measure your success. This will motivate you to keep going.  Give yourself time to slowly integrate any new knowledge. Be kind to yourself.  Evolution and learning is a process not a destination.

Life can be understood backwards, reminiscing and remembering the past…but it must be lived forward.  –Liza

To Your Health,

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

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