Clear and Wash Away Stress just like Windex!

Have you ever seen the romantic comedy movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?  In this movie, Mr. Portokalos, the main character’s father is seen in many of scenes spraying Windex on almost everything saying that Windex can fix, cure or heal just about everything that goes wrong.

Do you ever feel pain or hurt somewhere in your body that no one can figure out where its origin is from?

Do you burden yourself only to lessen your loved one’s burdens to as little as possible – thus suppressing your anxiety, stress, pain or resentment?

Perhaps the body is doing what your mind could not – throwing off the relentless expectation that has been imposed upon you or self-imposed – placing others above your Self.

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There is an intimate relationship between our brain and immune system. When you have been prevented from, been allowed or learned how to say no – your body may say it for you by shutting some part of your body down.  The dynamics of repression operate in all of us.

We all have tendencies to be self-deniers and betrayers to some extent to a point that often we are not aware or conscious when we do it.  It’s always easier to give in to authority or your parents demands than argue about it.

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Stress can create disease and illness, or even kill.  When emotions are suppressed, the inhibition disarms the body’s defense against illness.  Repression – dissociates emotions from awareness and relegates them to the unconscious realm, so that in some people the defenses go askew, becoming the destroyer of health vs. protector.

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The idea that psychological stress increases the risk for Multiple Sclerosis is not new (from Greek word – to harden).  It is the most common demyelinating diseases that can impair the functioning of the cells in the central nervous system. The main attack is usually on the spinal cord, brain stem and optic nerve – which are the bundle of nerve fibers carrying visual information to the brain. The symptoms numbness, pain or sensations in the limbs and trunk.  Muscle weakness. MS = relapsing-remitting, in which flare ups alternated with symptoms.

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Muscular dystrophy is a group of inherited disorders that involve muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue, which get worse over time. There is no none cure for MD, but hypnosis is proven to work for stress reduction, pain management, muscle relaxation and for retraining muscle function.

Most psychosomatic conditions are intimately connected to anxiety and stress. Flare-ups of such diseases as peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, or hypertension produce anxiety. Conversely, difficulties with psychosocial adjustment bring exacerbations in these conditions.

Here are 3 :

  1. Be more responsible vs. blame others.
  2. Respond with awareness vs. react to circumstances.
  3. Identify your personal connection to your pain vs. complain or mull over an issue.

Perhaps like Mr. Portokalos you have not sprayed Windex to fix many things but to clean glass or furniture. But what if you had your own internal Windex to spray and detox most, if not all stressors, pain, hurt, anxieties and anguish away.  Think it – and you just may!

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For more information on how to tap within your subconscious to heal or destress – schedule a complimentary consultation with me.

Evoke what was, Embrace what is and Evolve to what will be – “You Matter”.

To Your Health,


A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

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