Welcome to the 6th Annual 3E Event

“When we come to accept and appreciate who we are, we then free ourselves from the burden of needing others doing so for us.”  ~Liza

3E Event – Evoke, Embrace, Evolve

Hard to believe that our 6th Annual 3E Event was only two weeks ago. I must say we’ve had the best of the best speakers grace our 3E Event stage where I get to interview powerful women who lovingly open and share personal anecdotes and sensitive experiences of their life – from motherhood to intimacy, family and hierarchy, downfalls and rise to the success that they are today.  There is nothing more inspiring and moving than knowing how our life’s journey is a choice – and how our choices shape us for the future.  Here are few testimonials we got.

Thank you for inviting me dear Liza. I was honored to talk to your audience. We all came here as part of our sacred journey to live, to learn, to heal, to pay our karmic debt and to make a contribution—for the betterment of Mankind! Liza Boubari you are a champion of healing within.” ~Sue Wong

“Liza -I can’t get over how beautiful the 3E event was. I’m already telling others that they need to go next year. I love you and thank you for all you do.”  Hugs, Seta

“Dear Liza – thank you for creating one of the most amazing days of my life. Hesitant to come by myself I never expected to have such a delightful experience. You are a natural on stage.” Sincerely, Jenny M.

Liza Boubari and Marie Mbouni


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