Loss of a mother can hurt.

Last week as I was talking to a friend about mothers day, she said: “I lost my mom 4 years ago.”

Generally “loss” or “lost” is used to express something missing or someone’s passing. But in the world of mind-body connection and word association, the subconscious mind does as you speak or instruct it to do so.

The words “loss or lost” mean that we lost it outside our control and we keep looking or searching to find and bring it back again. Grant it, the loss of a loved one is huge and can be devastating. Yet, repeating the words re-create the same feeling over and over – thus, embedding the loss and sadness further into the subconscious mind.

I know there is no replacement for the grief you go through – what I share is not about the feelings, but how you express and speak what you feel.

Hypnotherapy resolves problems by accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis. All hypnotherapy is self-hypnosis because you allow yourself to drift into a trance state. I like to say we experience same just before we fall asleep or, when a child is held at the bosom of her/his mother and gently rocked from side-to-side.

Same concept applies when you, the client, is deeply relaxed. You are fully conscious, can hear everything I say and are able to respond to questions asked. It feels like… being cradled while dozing off with a sense of serenity and awareness at the same time. Most people equate ‘mom’ to comfort and love. As adults, we forget to be more present and loving to our inner-child.

To begin healing, gently start using the actual word. My mother (____) died 4 years ago. It may be a bit difficult at first yet in time, your inner child and the subconscious mind begin to validate the reality. This way instead of feeling a loss, you feel more real and empowered, plus remember and celebrate all the memories (good or bad). The best part, you let their spirit free.

It is good to also forgive her for all the wrongs she did – stop punishing her for you are not punishing her, but yourself.  In actuality, forgive yourself for holding on to the angst, anger or resentment. Its doing you no good. I am certain she would not want you to feel angry, sad or constantly be yearning for her. That’s heavy energy.

Ask yourself this – “Isn’t it time for me to live life more fully and freely with the ones that are here with me?”
I am hoping your answer is: YES – YES it is. “You Matter”


If you are curious about how you can make the change, lets have a conversation to see if I may be able serve you – even if that means pointing you to other resources that are a better fit.