How to Release Stress and Anxiety InstantaneouslySeptember Greetings! Hope this post finds you in good health and spirits!


  • I know wellness is my natural state
  • I believe this moment is for me
  • I celebrate all that is good

How to Release  Stress and Anxiety Instantaneously

What if it could be that easy.

As a nation, many remembered where we were on that fateful day, September 11, 2001. Many are panicking about Hurricane Florence packing the potential for some dangerous flooding. The beginning of September is also when children feel anxious about going back to school.

These events can provoke panic and anxiety.  We remember what happened on 911 and we wonder, could that happen again? Could and would some other natural disaster affect me, my friends, neighbors, and family? Am I prepared? What can I do in an emergency situation to think clearly and get to safety?

Juggling life and feeling overwhelmed can lead to panic and anxiety. What can I do to release this panic and anxiety? How can I calm down? How do I help my child, or myself?

When we are under severe stress or experiencing great anxiety, the brain functions differently. Under normal circumstances, the brain encodes whatever it needs, then its processed, stored or disposed of, and life goes on. But, if this is not happening for you, you need to be proactive.

What if life actually is easy? What if all you want is there waiting for you and all you have to do is focus on the things you want to feel and create vs the ones you do not want.

What if I were to say I can help you release that stress and anxiety instantaneously? What if you were equipped with the tools to feel calmer and breathe easier even when you hear of or witness natural disasters.  What if habits that you may have developed to cope with panic and anxiety that do not work, or have even made the situation worse, can be modified or removed as they no longer serve you. Your life can go on.

What if it could be that easy? Let’s make it easier for you. Let life happen for you!
Lovingly – Liza

Evoke what was, Embrace what is, Evolve to what will be – ‘YOU MATTER’

If you – or someone you know – suffers from anxiety, or finds it hard to relax and unwind, call me. I can help! Make an appointment or contact me for more information


Awareness is looking beyond what you see ~ Liza

To all of you celebrating your Birthday in September,
I wish you Good health,
Good times, and Good life!