Turn Expectations to Appreciation
How do the feelings of expectation and appreciation compare.  In one case, you feel owed, and in the other you feel awed.

Appreciation, is strictly about being present.  It is foundational in building loyalty and respect. You appreciate what you have, and what is around you. Your love ones, assets as well as your possibilities, both in the present, a positive and productive place to be.

Expectation is looking forward to what you hope to gain, or looking to the past for what you had or had not received. When you lay expectations on people and situations – you are attempting to dictate an outcome or control a situation. Letting go is about releasing your attachment to outcomes and eliminating the need for validation.

It is worthy to remember what you say to yourself in the privacy of your own mind truly matters – choose the good ones, appreciate and be kinder to yourself. While you may not feel or notice the impact of these small choices over a week or even a month, the cumulative effect of your daily thoughts and actions add up to big results over time.

Relax & Feel Better

  • Breathe Life
    Mindful breathing, which is simply focusing one’s attention upon the breath, is a powerful way to immediately calm your nervous system. It literally helps to ‘reset’ the two main branches of your central nervous system, the sympathetic (excitement, fight/flight) and the parasympathetic (relaxation).
    For deeper relaxation and letting go, you can listen to my “Stress no More” recording.
  • The perfect conditions
    It always seems as if the perfect opportunity to do something is just around the corner. And if you wait just a little bit longer, it will arrive. The truth is that there will always be reasons not to do something if you look hard enough for them.There are no more perfect conditions than now – Just do it!
  • Sleep deeply
    Sleep is a natural restorative, and is probably the single most important gift you can give yourself to reduce stress and stay healthy. Turn off all computers and digital devices at least half hour before bedtime. Artificial blue light from screens, especially at nighttime, can confuse your body’s internal clock and alter your natural circadian rhythms.
    Having difficulty falling asleep, diffuse essential oils (gardenia) in your bedroom to promote a calmer state—and listen to my ‘Sleep Now‘ – mp3 for more relaxed state of mind to help you fall asleep.

 The grass is always green … where You water it!  ~Liza