Did you know today is World Hypnotism Day?!
It’s incredible how so many still have a misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
Over 18 years ago I healed myself through the science/art of hypnosis.
In the summer of 1993 I was diagnosed with yet another ovarian cyst. My doctor informed me I was to undergo what would have been my third surgery in the span of 6 years. First one in 1985 – 9.3 cm, second in 1988 – 8.8 cm., and this time another was growing faster than ever before.
That same year I was working at a downtown law firm as a paralegal. You see, I had aspiration to become an attorney and was studying to take my LSAT exam. Upon my return from the doctors office with tears still flowing from my eyes, the office manager sat me down, and after hearing what the result was, referred me to her acupuncturist.  During my second meeting, the acupuncturist handed me a medical report indicating proven research on how hypnosis was known to help with feminine medical issues, such as ovarian cysts.
Knowing a hypnotherapist in Pasadena, I scheduled an appointment the next day.  In less than 4 sessions, through her guidance with hypnotherapy and trance work, I finally got to understand why my body kept creating the cysts.
You see, only few years before I had walked out and ended a marriage that was not happy – nor conducive to my well being.  I was functioning under a lot of stress, yet not allowing myself to feel depressed, sad, hurt, or angry.  What happened in turn was that my body took the brunt of me shutting all the feelings down. And I must say did a fine job at it.  Actually, I was quite good at numbing my feelings with working 10 hours a day, smoke half a pack a day, come home only to watch TV for hours end until I fell asleep.  Shame, guilt, anger, and resentment had been slowly building, peculating and growing ever so silently.  But I could not see.

It was through deep work during our last two hypnotherapy sessions that I began the journey to healing my body and my self.  Connecting and understanding the root cause was the turning point to not needing the third scheduled surgery. My body dissolved the cyst and since then, I’ve had no more issues with cysts.

I believe things do not happen to us – but for us.  That even at the lowest and toughest times in our lives – there is something better, yet we are not in position to see.

“Keep the Best-Dump the Rest” ~Liza

What I learned then, was how to connect with my inner body. What I know now, is what is my body telling me. Today, I share and teach my clients how to choose to react instead of be reactive.  How to also delve within their subconscious mind and heal within through Evoking what was, Embracing what is, and Evolving to what will be – You Matter (as a whole not in parts).

Hypnosis is an internal process – not an external force.  We as hypnotherapists can only guide you to tap within (the subconscious mind) to acknowledge, accept, and then make the necessary changes consciously. Thus, your transformation!
Today, as we celebrate World Hypnotism Day and 18 years practicing as a hypnotherapist and stress management consultant, I’m happy to say I am proud and honored to be serving on the Executive Board with the American Council of Hypnotist. The work we do is not magic, yet when change happens and transformation occurs, it can be magical.
I believe all wounds can heal through Kindness, Compassion and Gratitude.
You too can heal within – How May I Help YOU?