Words Matter

Today’s session: Words Matter

Welcome to Heal-Talk Tuesdays with Liza.

The impact of words can be quite powerful. They impact you either positively or negatively. Be more cognizant of how you speak to yourself, your loved ones and to others. Be tender with yourself Your words can be powerful, soothing and healing during difficult times.

Use words such as: “You are safe” – “I’m here now” – “You’re going to be OK” – “Your body knows how to heal”.

5 min Relaxation:
• Become comfortable with your surroundings, but not focusing on anything particular.
• Gently close your eyes – bring your attention within your body
• Fill your mind with a sense of calm and safety.
• Become aware of swallowing your saliva, your throat, your chin, your mouth, tongue, lips, nose, cheeks, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrow, ears, earlobes, the back of your head, the top of your head, your hair strands, your brain, your mind.
• Say to yourself – “I live with a happy heart, peaceful mind and playful spirit”.
• Inhale deeply, and know within that you deserve health, joy, and love – You Matter.

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I encourage you to read the excellent book by Gary Chapman, The Five Languages of Love.

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