Have you noticed no matter where you go certain people always win something (the value of the gift is irrelevant). They buy tickets as a donation or to contribute to a cause, but more importantly they really believe and expect the money they spent will return come back 2 folds. Yep, and it happens. Their name is called and they win again and again! It is the law of attraction for abundance. I know few people who always win no matter if it’s on horse racing, football game, a silent auction item, or an opportunity drawing. I bet you know of one too.

Months ago someone asked me what would I do if I won the million dollar lottery. I, like many, knew the answer right off the cuff because for years I’d been writing the list and waiting for the day to come. He then asked me to name the top 3 only. So I began to recite it with pride. #1-I will donate to $10,000 to…, $15,000 to…, #2- give $5,000 to three charities that are dear to my heart, and #3 buy my mom the cruise she’s been…”. That’s when he stopped me and said: “You are doomed already”. Taken back I asked what he meant. This is what he said. “Money has energy”. If you are to donate, buy and give what came to you to others before giving to yourself for your needs, desires or to fulfill your joys as of top 3, if not number #1 on that list, then why would the energy of $$$ come to you?”
You may think as I did, that seeing loved ones safe and happy will bring me joy. But he went to elaborate that it is not about not giving or passing it forward, but to think of myself as top 3 before I start sharing.

I guess it is as simple as ‘the oxygen mask’. When traveling on a plane the first thing you are shown is how to use the mask. That in case of emergency you are to place the mask upon your face/nose to take in enough oxygen to breath easily – before you can share the mask and help others in need or out of breath.

If you did not place You, something you desire, need or want as #1, #2, or #3, then it’s time you rethink how to give more positive energy to the money you earn or win, and how it is to come your way!

When manifesting anything you desire and want, you must remember that the Law of Attraction states that whatever you give consistent conscious thought to, your subconscious mind will bring fort and create for you. So, manifesting money is really not much different. People tend to stress and worry more especially when they feel like they do not have enough of it. What most people fail to realize is, that by stressing and worrying about the lack of money causes financial abundance to be held away longer. We are all here to thrive in all areas of our lives.

Bill Gates said and I quote “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute”. Who said that you, me, we all couldn’t be financially abundant? You must vividly imagine it, see it, and feel as if you already WON and have the things you desire. In God I Trust!