Heal Talk Tuesday – Change of Season – Change of Thoughts and Behaviors

Change of Season

Just as the season changes, so do our thoughts and feelings. Who you are is the big blue sky. What you experience, feel, do is the ever-changing weather.
Here are a few tips to change behavior or habit: Grab a pen and a notepad to write these down. Make time to go sit a place of beauty so that you can reflect with no disturbance.

1- Decide what is the habit or behavior you would like to change. (one thing at a time).
2- Write down how long have you been struggling with this, had it or held on to it?
3- Write down why you would want it changed – now;
4- Write down if you are truly ready to make the decision to change this – now;
5- Write down how you feel now as you are ready to let go and make the change;
6- Write down how you’ll imagine feeling once you are FREE and change is happening!
7- Breathe into it and say YES – “I Matter” Yes I can. Yes to will. Yes, I Am.

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