Fear of Speaking in Public

The silence is immense, almost deafening, as you attempt to gather your thoughts into words.  Your fear of speaking in public holds your tongue captive and you start sweating. Your inner voice is screaming at you, your palms are sweating and you feel on fire from the inside out. Your heart seems pounding so loudly in your chest, all the while you’re at a standstill.

You have practiced and imagined this moment over and over. You know your presentation, you have been prepping for this moment for days…even nights -while driving, in the shower, in the gym. Yet somehow, regardless of your preparation, you freeze.

Can you relate?  Do you see yourself in this scenario?
Are you afraid you will make a mistake, say the wrong thing or stumble over your words? Are you scared that your audience will see through you? Do you wonder if they can see the sweat dripping down your shirt and how nervous you are?

It is natural to feel nervous when you are the focus of attention. Public speaking, in front of large groups of people, even small groups, can be extremely intimidating. For some people the fear of public speaking is by far the worst experience to overcome.

Wait, the good news is that there is a way to change this – by changing your thoughts and feelings at a deep, subconscious level. Imagine what it would be like to: Walk to the podium confidently and easily, stand tall and strong in front of your colleagues, managers or audience.  Just imagine enjoying the excitement of public speaking share your thoughts, and speak freely!

Through hypnotherapy you can overcome your fear of public speaking. Most hypnotherapy resetting your mindset, learn to use visualization and practicing certain techniques that help enable you to handle any challenges that come along. In just a few sessions of hypnotherapy with me, you will remove most if not all mental or emotional barriers, leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease for confident public speaking. There is nothing more rewarding than nailing your talk while reveling in the excitement of shining among your peers!

Allow me to help you from to eloquently public speaking excellence!

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