Leave nothing but footprints
Take nothing but pictures
Kill nothing but time.

Which is yours – June Bride or Gloom?

June is also known as the beginning of summer fun, celebration and perhaps transformation. No matter if you are a bride to be, just graduating or planning your next family vacation – take time to appreciate and embrace the moments with your loved ones. I'm sure to see at least one wedding, coming out of a church on any given Saturday. How can you not smile at them?

June Gloom is a Southern California term for a weather pattern that results in cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer. People often complain about the gray skies, but I like the cool mornings of June.

On Sunday, many families will be celebrating Father’s Day. This year, I will be cherishing my father's memory by having fish, maybe at Fisherman’s Wharf in Oxnard. That’s where he liked to go on his special day with me.

How will you be celebrating? Doing something or cherishing a memory?

We're all in this world for a period of time. What we do with our time, how we show up, what differences we make and how we live fully and passionately is how we will be remembered. Nothing but memories and pictures stay.

You Matter enough for me to ask you to come for tea and talk.

Feel free to reach out and let me know how I can help you Be the Best You.

To your health (and with hugs for the Dads),


Evoke what was, Embrace what is, Evolve to what will be – YOU MATTER.

Stay Tuned!

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To all of you celebrating your Birthday…
I wish you Good health,
Good times, and Good life!
~ Liza