A day to remember – January 30, 1983 Super bowl Sunday was at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, 10 minutes away from where I lived. That same day I was getting ready to walk down a different field, I was to walk down the aisle to be married.  Similar to the game, I knew this was to be a very important day in my life. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, realizing the bridal reflection is actually my own.  I was excited – yet nervous, happy – yet sad.  Just like the players in the game, I trusted that my internal compass that guides all of us toward the direction we are about to embark upon – was the right path.

Twenty nine years later, I now understand that there is nothing worse than feeling stuck, emotionally.  Forgiveness doesn’t only resolve our past, it alleviates our future. When we hold on to thoughts, feelings, memories or trauma, we’re subconsciously attempting to protect ourselves from experiencing pain again. Clinging to our angry and hurt feelings about someone to whom we once felt close can hinder our capacity to move on in life. Letting go of our resentments, whether it leads to healing the rift, or to wholeness and peace within ourselves, or both, is integral to not letting our past block or interfere with our present.

Similar to the defense team, part of our entire being is to protect us at all cost – be it emotional or physical until that protection feels heavy, hard, and no longer necessary. When we think from the mind – we often block the heart. Feeling can be honored for the release and creative thing it is, as we let go of the piles of stories that are often attached to the things felt long time ago. It is possible to experience compassion for ourselves so that we can love ourselves. That moment – is Epic!  This can be the moment we ‘Stand Up’ and walk to the field with the intention to move forward and live fully!

If you feel stuck in your life and not living your full potential, this too can be your time.  Letting go of the should’s, hurts and resentments is not a gift to the person you direct it to. It is, rather, a Gift to Yourself – YOU MATTER.

At 3:30 this afternoon as the ball was kicked, I too kicked all the ‘should have’s’ of the past.  Self forgiveness starts with evoking similar kind of loving patience, the ability to embrace and accept where we are right now, and to evolve in healing and enjoying the run as we touch down!   Let’s PLAY!

Live Victoriously (Bronco’s)