How Big is Your BUT?

How Big is Your BUTQ:  Let’s imagine it is the year 2011 – looking back to this day,

  • What has to happen in your life both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress?
  • What is most important  that you want to happen in your life during the next few years?  What are your priorities?

Personal Plan

Just like a business plan, have you set your personal plans?  If not, what was your big BUT?  It’s not the butt I am referring to, but the BUT excuses of what could possibly go wrong, can’t happen, etc.   It’s the BUT that has already been created in your mind and it is taking form before it has already begun to spurt.

We all have BUTs.  Some we sit on, literally, and others that we rather say and keep that hold us back.  I call them BUT excuses.

Some have a big, or better yet, huge BUT – of course it can be due to many underlying fears that have been building up in years, and others that have been sitting dormant and are now festering to surface.  Either way, we make changes in life when what we want and desire is far greater than our BUTs.   It’s the same with our physical BUTT.

You see, it did not become so large by walking and exercising… but over eating and sitting on it far too long.  When you decide  you have had enough of it and are ready to drop the weight and have a better and healthier body shape – you start by having an image.  That image feels good and you start working on achieving it.  Soon your body image changes and you feel better about yourself and your body.  As you gain more confidence, the BUT’s of the past no longer matter.

Get off your BUT

We know mentality creates reality.  That no matter what, there is cause and effect.  How we function in life either accepting that everything happens to us (effect) and blame and victim perception, or that whatever happens is happening for you (cause) you can take control and change the result.   That you are now willing to get off your BUTT and live a healthier, happier and more purposeful life by stopping the BUTs.

Evoke, Embrace, Evolve

When I help you Evoke what was, Embrace what is and Evolve to what they desire – because You Matter.  I also know I can’t change anyone.  I can only offer you the opportunity for change. You have to make a choice.  I only offer you the truth – to help you HealWithin.

So what would you do today knowing your BUT was not as big as you thought it was? What would you say if I help you see beyond your butt and be on a trail of self-discovery and solutions that most have the courage to acknowledge. What if you could own your life and overcome your BUTs to achieve the results you’ve always desired. What if you could get off your BUTT and let go of your story and only see your dreams become reality. You can.  And you know why? Because YOU Matter – and no longer your  buts.

Isn’t it time to be taking such bold steps towards living life to the fullest?  Say YES to You.


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