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Dental Fears?

Did you know dental fear is universal? Do you do the song and dance, only not to go to the dentist?

For those with dental phobia, the very thought of a dental appointment is terrifying. Many get anxious when they are told they have to see the dentist. But why the anxiety?

People’s fear of the dentist can stem from:

  • Past bad experiences
  • A Feeling of Helplessness and No Control
  • Expectations of Pain
  • Embarrassment from the Condition of the Teeth
  • Associations with Old Trauma
  • The Unknown

Hypnosis to Control Fear

Hypnosis for promoting healing or positive development is called ‘hypnotherapy.” The process aims to reprogram mental patterns of behavior to overcome fears, suppressed emotions, and negative thoughts. Controlling fear and anxiety is one of the largest uses of clinical hypnosis, and has been successfully used in dentistry.

An anxiety or phobia is an extreme or irrational fear. Hypnodontia is the use of hypnosis in dentistry. The art and science of hypnosis carry great therapeutic benefits in the medical, psychological and dental fields.

For over a decade now I have used hypnosis for all my own dental work (from numbing my gums to the point of feeling no pressure or pain to simple fillings, extractions, even five root canals).

Listen to my dentist’s testimonial.

What can you do

  • Visualize a smooth procedure driving over
  • Listen to your favorite Music
  • Breathe work – use gentle breathing techniques
  • Humm
  • Stop projecting the worst

If you – or someone you know – suffers from anxiety and/or gets the jitters by the mere mention of needles, shots or dentistry, call me. I can help! Make an appointment or contact me for more information


Evoke what was, Embrace what is, Evolve to what will be – ‘YOU MATTER’

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