How often do the people that care about us the most try to keep us in the little box they want us in?

Think about it. Who is your “dream stealer”? Who is the major “stopper” in you attaining your goals? Did you know that most limitations in life have been subconsciously set by you, for you? No one really has power or control over you ─ and that includes your failures and your successes.

There may be a bad seed among your friends whom you would like to blame for your downfalls or bad times, be it personal or professional; alternatively, you may have teachers, mentors or loved ones who hold your hand and give you opportunities to grow and stay on the right track. But neither negativity nor positive occurrences in your life can happen unless you choose to allow them to happen. The same applies to succumbing to “dream stealers” and people who hold you back. If you can name one or two people whom you can identify as “dream stealers” or “success stoppers,” then you are already one step ahead of the game.

What do I mean?  The biggest hurdle people face is not knowing what their problems is ─ or not being able to identify where it stems from. Once you identify the cause of your difficulties, figuring out the rest and healing within becomes much easier. You have an opportunity ─ to stop and make a concrete choice which no person or thing can get in the way of from that moment on.

But wait a minute…. can you honestly identify what it is that you are after, and what it is that you admit to previously holding you back? If the answer to both of those is yes, and you have a clear vision of the way you want to feel and act in the future, then take out a pen and paper and seize this moment.

Write down the name(s) of those you feel have stood in your way in the past. Then write the following words next to those names:   Although you have stopped me from _______________ and I have not __________ because of you, I forgive you and am moving on in order to be who I truly am. I also forgive myself for holding you responsible for the things that I am capable of and able to accomplish on my own. I will take responsibility for these from this day forward as I stand up for myself, accept and appreciate myself for who I am, and become happy with all the things I have set out to do and everything I want to become.

Hypnotherapy can also help you unfold many underlying emotions stored in your subconscious mind. To become better and healthier, take control to release all that is no longer necessary to hold on to.

~And so it is