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This booklet is easy and simple with short reads about Heal-thy Mind-Body healing, guided imagery and hypnosis – a window to the inner workings of your mind-body-spirit.

Inside, are simple ways to understand the workings of the conscious and subconscious mind, use of imagery and guided visualization, plus various relaxation techniques and more. Tapping within the mind’s latent energy enables you to take charge of your health and life with powerful, positive results.  Live Victoriously-You Matter

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This booklet is accumulation of my thoughts. These short reads are about Heal-thy Mind-Body healing, guided imagery and hypnosis – as if a window to your inner workings of our mind-body-spirit to realize, expand, see and to create change within. In a nutshell, to Evoke passion, Embrace femininity and Evolve spiritually.

Also, most of what you read is my interpretation of what I believe in and use in my daily life and practice. The purpose of this booklet is to remind you of the tools you already have and possess within you and that you have been equipped with from birth to now. I urge you to continue your pursuit of discovery and practice in an internal – external wellness!

We must live in the joy of a promise and recall that for every human being, their perception and programming is what their world consists of – until they decide to amend it.

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