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Stomp on Smoking Workbook to be Smoke Free


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Stomp on Smoking – Workbook is the Stress-free way to let your body breath fresh air! Working through this workbook, you will recognize and understand patterns, beliefs and values that have been instrumental in shaping your thoughts and feelings about tobacco, cigarettes and smoking. This workbook created by Liza will help you gain your confidence and health back, and become a non-smoker for good.

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Stomp on Smoking Workbook

Healthier living is now a common message.

There are two types of people in this world:

  1. They think it, they decide, and most times can quit cold turkey and be done with it.
  2. Then there is the rest of the population. They think they want to quit. Then they talk about doing so, then think more about it, and lastly decide to quit. Then they commit to starting it at a certain date or after an occasion. Talk it over with some friends and then commit in doing so. Most can and do quit for a few days or weeks, then for whatever reason, they manage to smoke one or two cigarettes, then a few more and without realizing the vicious cycle beings. Wanting to stop, not being able to stop – resenting the self for not sticking to the decision, punishing the self for bad choices – thus smoking more due to anxiety created by stressing about not smoking.

Taking just 30 minutes in a day to work through this workbook while you listen to the Stomp on Smoking audio recording will help you speed this process in building your confidence and eliminate your emotional and physical cravings for cigarettes and/or tobacco for good.  This can happen naturally and effortlessly. For best results, we recommend you listen to CDs for 33 consecutive days.


Yes, you can stop smoking when you use the Stomp on Smoking Workbook!  Find out more about the other bad health effects of smoking.

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1 review for Stomp on Smoking Workbook to be Smoke Free

  1. Catherine Majors

    Based on recommendations for the Stomp on Smoking audio recordings, I got the book, too, and I’m glad I did. I had recently stopped smoking, but the urge to buy a pack of cigarettes was very strong. I needed something or someone to help me stop for good! I didn’t want to go the vaping route, or the patch route and this book with the audio recording were the perfect solutions. Thanks to you Liza! If I’m ever in California, I’ll be sure to visit you!

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