“Motherly love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” ~ Marion C. Garretty

Our Mothers

May is to be a big month of festivities for me celebrating family birthdays, Mother’s day, and anniversaries – my parents being on May 15th. Last year another date got added, when my Dad passed away.

In a way, this reinforces the rhythm of life. From the time we are born to celebrating each birthday, graduations, marriage, childbirth, and yes death…there is a rhythm. Just think about it – we say: “give me a minute”. “I’ll see you in an hour”. “I’ll call you tomorrow”. “Let’s do this again next year.”

When we focus on the positive aspects of our lives–our loved ones, our support networks, and our moms, since Mother’s Day is upon us in just a few days, it is easier to feel sentimental. We bypass many arguments and make this day special for her and the ones who are like a mother to us. Re-programming our mind to speak to be gentler, loving, and caring.

My mom

My mother is one of the most beautiful human beings – classy and gracious, fun and fashionable, caring, loving and so much more. I love her so. There is so much of her in me. When it comes to mother and daughter relationships, I must confess it was not easy growing up. My friends remember her as a disciplinarian and me – her challenger. I was very much like a tomboy and she did not know how to control me and make me be the proper girly girl. Thus…I was disciplined – a lot.

It was not till my late teens and early college years that I started seeing her more as a woman and mom, rather than ‘mother.’ I can relate to kid’s and their problems and now that I have grown up. Having walked the same path, this experience helps me as much as my skills as a therapist. We still get into a communication glitch from mother’s tug and the daughter’s pull. Yet it is not as it was decades ago. I’ve grown and learned how much of her is similar to grandma and her control issues – being like her yet wanting to be who she is – separate from her. Ah, what an ongoing battle!

Family Tug of War?

I wonder if you too have experienced family tugs and identity wars of your own. If so – how do you feel now? Can you embrace all of who you are –similar and separate from your mom or parents? This constant argument – of how we come through them, yet we are not them. We can only take on so much of their words, suggestions, personalities and behaviors. Then our need to be “me” kicks in. That’s a good thing! Our world is not theirs, and they must seek friendships and supporters to help them after we leave the nest. If you start peeling away teen’s expectations, behaviors and their ways of being away from you – then and only then you get to see the whole of them. When their own personality is freed, their creativity is also – as is yours!

A complete you is what I help you develop. To HealWithin, you must find ways to release your teen Self – and yours too.  So I ask you this. How often are you loving and gentle with yourself? You could use life-affirming “I Am” statements. I am loved, I am content, I am healthy.

If and when you catch yourself having negative thoughts, why not stop and acknowledge what you are thinking. Internally imagine windshields wiping away, or say “Cancel.”  You then create a positive affirmations that FEEL GOOD IN YOUR BODY.

Mother’s Day Special!

Do you have a gift planned for your mother?

I’ve got a great gift for you. When you book two hypnotherapy sessions with me at HealWithin, I will give you one session Free. Why not share the love and gift the complimentary session to a friend or loved one!

Stay Tuned!

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 I wish I could show you …the astonishing light of your own being. ~ Hafiz

To all of you celebrating your upcoming Birthdays…
I wish you all Good health, Good times, and Good life!
Liza Boubari