Hypnosis works!  When temper rises, use the Iceberg Method

There are many ways to calm down and cool off. Here is one way you can destress Stress and solve problems in the comfort of your home.

You know what an iceberg is, of course – a great mass of ice where one-ninth is above water and eight-ninths is underwater – hidden.

Now, take a moment and define the “problem or issue,” you may have as the iceberg.  Then solving the problem involves melting the iceberg.  Simple – right?

Melting an iceberg may is hard.  It is so huge and so cold, and the great mass of ice with all that coldness within keeps the outside too cold to melt very much anyway.

So, for purposes of melting this iceberg and therefore solving your problem, I am going to ask you to use your imagination and find some way of knocking a chip of the ice from the iceberg – like a slingshot, a shoe, or a rock.

When you change one part, that part may change dramatically into something that seems really new

There are many ways to melt the ice cube. You might hold it in your hands, or leave it in the sun, or place it in running water.  But what happens when you do melt the ice cube?

For one thing, as far as the ice cube is concerned, you don’t have ice anymore, but water.

All the rest of the problem changes too – looking different

And look at the iceberg.  How big it seems next to an ice cube.  Where you broke off the ice cube, the surface is clean and sparkling, with streaks of beautiful colors – deep, deep greens and blues – because of how tightly the water molecules are packed in the ice.

And the iceberg is a little bit smaller now, slightly different shape and though it hard at this point to appreciate, a tiny bit of the iceberg that was hidden underwater is now above the surface where it can be seen, observed and dealt with.

More is revealed, often in a small non-threatening way

You can continue to break off small ice cubes, melt them and let them wash away, in time you have a very different situation:  You have #evoked and gathered up a wonderful supply of useful water, and that iceberg – at first so huge, hard and terrifying – has an altogether different size and shape. You #embrace all that there is now as you look at the glistening and beautiful colors, something to admire and appreciate.  Then allow yourself to #evolve… taking the remaining liquid water allowing it to flow.

A whole new aspect to the situation and some unexpected fringe benefits

Did you know that your #subconscious limiting beliefs control 90% of your life?!
The way you respond (or impulsively react?) to day-to-day challenges, your ability to take risks and think outside the box (or not), make decisions, build healthy relationships (or not), have self-confidence and know that you’re worthy of success and happiness (or not) and so much more?  ONLY if you choose to allow those unconscious beliefs to run your life on auto-pilot BUT if you choose to un/program those limiting beliefs, life will change radically and rapidly.  This is how easily hypnotherapy works.

Let’s Talk.  Let me help you healwithin and make more lasting changes.