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How Is Stress Affecting You And Your Business?

It’s not stress that creates disease. It is the inability to manage stress.

We are focused on making your company’s mental wellness and through the STEPS program, we engage and motivate your employees to be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Stress costs the American industry more than $300 billion annually ($7,500/worker per year) due to absenteeism, lower productivity, and workers’ compensation claims. Antidepressant sales are increasing by more than 20% per year and amounted to over $14.5 billion dollars a year. Stress increases turnover and new employees can easily cost between $5,000 (hourly) to over $100,000 (top executives) to locate, hire, and train.

The STEPS program uses unique, exciting, and proven healing methods based on state-of-the-art stress reduction philosophies and techniques. Exercises and materials designed specifically for this program provide your participants with a fun, informative, and memorable experience.

Attendees of my workshops will learn:

  • High-achievement goal setting.
  • Rules of the mind.
  • Positive mental expectations.
  • How to:
    • recognize when they are under stress;
    • identify stages of stress and its causes and effects;
    • identify and deal with sources, not symptoms, of stress;
    • assess individual ability to manage stress; and,
    • promote relaxation and self-healing by managing the physical and emotional effects of stress.
  • The three easy techniques for fast stress relief.
  • Five STEPS to permanent stress relief.

The ultimate goals of my workshops are

  • Improved individual wellness, morale, and responsibility.
  • Reduced costs from stress-related illness, absenteeism, and impaired productivity.
  • Reduced on-the-job injuries and worker’s compensation claims.