Stand Up to Slim DownStand Up to Slim Down is your method to get off the see-saw and stop the yo-yo dieting.  Here you will learn about the emotional eating that is stopping you from your goal of being the person you would like to see yourself to be. Evoke the past.  Embrace you for who you are.  Evolve to the way you want to be.

What’s Involved?

Each lesson comes with a short chapter of the Stand Up to Slim Down workbook. It also comes with a video to watch and a few questions to answer to help you on your journey. The lessons are weekly, and no, you can’t skip ahead.

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Listen to a Participants

Vahan Gevorgyan

Listen to Vahan talk about his experience with the program.

Debbie Porch

Listen to Debbie Porch’s excellent experience with the Stand Up to Slim Down Weight Course.  Notice the picture of Debbie before she started taking the course and how she looked 8 weeks into the course.


What’s the Cost?

There is no cost.  This is a self-directed course you can take on your own time, at your convenience.

Can I get Help if I Need It?

Sure!  You are more than welcome to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.  Liza is available at The Cottage in Glendale, California or via Skype.

Audio Recordings

You are encouraged to listen to Drop Weight – Gain Confidence each night before bed, and Manage Weight – Move Your Body for exercise and body movement. You can find both in the HealWithin Shop.