This exquisite soft silk chiffon scarf with my own powerful affirmations imprinted here is the best gift you can give to you or another woman. The woman in the picture represents: an individual (woman) seeing the light that has surrounded her as she raises her head and is willing to stand up for herself and say “I Matter.”

Each time you place this scarf around your shoulders or your neck, you validate the power within you.
From the midst of darkness – find your inner light. Our eyes are not only to see – but to witness.”  

The powerful affirmations are to help us see our inner beauty and light through hurt and pain no matter what surrounds us from the outside. It is to stand up for ourselves and in solidarity as witness to what truly matters. 

With each scarf you purchase, you empower and help another woman Stand UP and know She Matters. And if you happen to witness another feeling down and under, pay if forward.  Gift them the scarf, shed light in their journey and ask them do same.

Live Victoriously, “YOU MATTER”
– Liza