Coping With Menopause

Be confident about the change of life and your body’s cycle of change! The Coping with Menopause hypnosis recording helps you eliminate the fear and apprehension. You will feel more positive, as you realize this isn’t the end of your life but the beginning of a new way of life.

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The others I ordered MP3’s because I wanted to listen to them right away, so I downloaded them from your site. 🙂
I really like them and they are helping me already. Your voice is very soothing and I feel like I have someone helping to support me during this time… I will listen to the menopause one tonight and maybe even the pain management. Thank you for all you do!
Chris T., Seattle, WA
I love your CD’s, especially the workout CD and the hypnosis weight loss one too. I love the way the desire to eat too much or eat between meals seems to have been removed”.
Magdalena S., Los Angeles, CA