Hypno-Massage is the integration of body work with therapeutic hypnotic suggestions, allows the body to bring to surface, communicate and release the underlying blocks and/or trauma stored within the body.

Over the last 12 years I have witnessed the healing powers of touch and mental connection (mind-body connection) through Hypnosis and Massage.  Certified as both Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy, I’ve come to understand how the body responds not only to caring touch, but positive suggestions.  This powerful integration allows you to release both physical and mental stress.

Sometimes old injuries may still be locked in the “muscle memory” of the body, preventing healing. The unique combined practice of Hypno-Massage helps clear emotional trauma and speed healing. Most clients go into a deeper state and relax deeply while listening to the specific suggestions during massage. Others find it easier to express the feelings bundled up in the body, even cleansed themselves of old emotional trauma, shed tears, let go of unresolved physical pain and felt lighter both physically and emotionally.  Since we all are Unique, there is no cookie cutter experience.

  • Both Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy techniques performed simultaneously
  • A deeper relaxation of the mind-body is induced
  • Helps clear emotional trauma and speed healing
  • Helps release unresolved physical pain and feel lighter both physically and emotionally
  • Each Massage is unique and custom to your needs

*Prior to your session, a short analysis is conducted to determine your specific needs and possible benefits that can be derived from Hypno-Massage.


Areas of benefit offered by Hypno-Massage include:

  • Total Relaxation
  • Anxiety & Stress Release
  • Painless Childbirth
  • Body/Mind Healing
  • Pre/Post medical procedure anxiety
  • Memory improvement
  • Tension Headaches
  • Regression therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Self-esteem & Confidence
  • High blood pressure management
  • Weight control
  • Insomnia
  • Smoking cessation

For more information, please call (818) 551-1501.

I have been a client of Liza Boubari for over ten years. It has been a wonderful experience. Without her gentle hands, her smiling face, and lots of loving-healing suggestions and encouragement, I would not be in such good condition. When I walk in, limping with aches and pains, I leave there feeling rejuvenated and with a completely different outlook than before. I would highly recommend her for a terrific hypno-massage. She is wonderful
Maura P., Glendale, CA
Liza’s therapy has been great for me. She is very kind, patient and loving; her hypnotherapy massage is just amazing! She focuses in healing the patient’s root cause problem, not just the symptoms.
Rodrigo H., Glendale, CA
I have a demanding life as a professional with management responsibilities. Every other week, I look forward to being able to completely relax at Heal Within. I just go to Heal Within and feel as though I can let Liza Boubari take over. The massage is just wonderful!! Afterwards, I feel renewed. The stress that has accumulated in my body has been worked out of it in the care of Liza’s magical hands
JoAnna M. , Sherman Oaks, CA
I’ve been raving about your Hypno-Massage – it is transformational. I can’t thank You enough for helping me uncover and release so much pain and trauma from my body. I could not have done it without your caring hands and hypnotic voice guiding me through it
Nairi T, Los Angles, CA