Glendale Meditation Meetup


Meditation – 1st and 3rd Mondays 6:30-8:00 pm with Liza – supported by attendee donations.

Arrive by 6:15 pm to check in, find your space and get comfortable. We start promptly at 6:30 and end at 7:30 pm.
You are welcome to linger till 8:00 pm for Fellowship and Networking.

What we’re about

This group is for anyone interested in improving self-awareness, mind-body connection and the inner space between thoughts and reality. Learning to sit still, let go and be present with NOW. No skills required to meditate – Just show up!

We invite you to join our group now and check our calendar for Meetup dates.

What is Guided Meditation and Visualization?

With Guided Meditation and Visualization, you experience a gentle but powerful way to focus your imagination in a more proactive, positive way.
It can be used for goal setting, distressing, finding inner peace or just Be Present.

Once you can see your goals in your mind’s eye, they will be easier to achieve. Have someone ever described a problem to you that you had difficulties understanding, that if you could only see it, you would be able to find a solution? Well, Guided Meditation and Visualization does just that, it helps you be able to see a possible solution in your mind’s eye.

What are the benefits?

Guided Imagery has proven benefits for health and stress management. Learning effective techniques to de-stress, create harmony between the mind and body and enhance coping skills.

What will the experience be like?

You will be in a place where you feel safe and supported. Soft music will be playing in the background. A candle may be lit, even a light aroma of incense may fill the air.

When the Meetup starts, there will be time for check-in and greet other members of the group before we seat for meditation and visualization.

Make yourself comfortable. You will be directed to relax both your mind and body. All of your senses will be engaged to help you experience deep relaxation. Each session will begin with core breathing exercises and close the session affirmations to reinforce those good feelings.

Liza BoubariMeet Your Leader

Liza has been in practice since 1998. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Action Coach as well as Stress Management and Domestic Abuse Consultant. She is the founder of HealWithin, a mind-body therapy and healing center, HealWithin International, a non-profit after-school program with healing therapies for motherless children and the 3E Event, an annual event dedicated to empowering women. Liza is fluent in English, Armenian and Farsi.