Headache Pain

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From the July 2011 Newsletter… Self-hypnosis can be an effective tool for relieving stress and controlling headache pain. Headaches occur when stress overwhelms a person and their capillaries (small blood vessels) constrict under pressure or get smaller. When the stress lets up,

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Drop 2 Sizes From Your Waist

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A British Pop Singer by the name of Lily Allen used hypnosis to lose weight. Or as she put it, “to go from a size 12 to a size 8.”   “Susan Hepburn, a respected hypnotist in London, Harley Street Clinic specializing in

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How to Heal Through HypnoMassage

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Last week I performed an incredible and powerful Hypno-Massage.  This particular session started as an ordinary medical/oncology massage and within 10 minutes into the massage and talking to her, it turned to a full blown Hypno-Massage and lasted about 90 min.  

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Use Rejection To Your Advantage

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Use rejection to your advantage – Part 3 of 3 A rejection is a chance to consider if there are things we can work on. It’s OK to think about whether there’s room for improvement or if your goals were

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