Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s hard not to think about everything our mothers have done for us, and what we’d like to give back to them. Most mothers are guiding forces in our lives, helping us and supporting us.

Inner Strength

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Spring forward – time to reflect upon your femininity. Do words linger in the back of your mind and pop-up at the most unexpected times? When you were young, what kind of memorable words of encouragement or discouragement did you receive from

It’s Your Lucky Month

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This month we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And what represents the holiday better than the shamrock and the symbol of good luck? As Thomas Jefferson once said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work,

Who Am I

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Have you noticed how much you hide in your life? Have you noticed how most of your thoughts, feelings and emotions are lived just underneath the surface of what you show to the world? Every day you wear a mask hiding your

Move With Confidence

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Have you ever noticed what happens when you move? Any movement-moving your neck from side to side; arms go up and down; fingers open and close; hips rotate; legs go back and forth; knees bend, toes curl, eyes blink and mouth opens and