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Corporate Wellness

Let us create a Win-Win situation!  Managing Stress and Health promotion programs vary greatly, but most are intended to encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles and take steps to prevent illness.

“There is no doubt that the workplace has significantly contributed to one of the greatest source of stress among both men and women today. My own personal journey for balance helped me make my decision years ago when working as a paralegal.  My body was breaking down, I was told I had carpal tunnel and may need surgery, had constant neck and shoulder problems and episodes of stomach knots. I was on the brink of a burnout physically and emotionally and did not recognize it. Symptoms of stress may be manifested both physiologically and psychologically.”

Instructor – Liza Boubari, Stress Relief Expert

How to Manage Stress and have Corporate Wellness?

As a Certified Stress Management Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Action Coach, Liza Boubari is a highly sought after motivational and professional speaker who mentors habitual change and stress management.

Liza has fourteen years of experience delivering high impact, high-energy programs that help companies manage a variety of stressors. Through her STEPS, “Simple Thoughts Elevate Performance & Success” Method, Liza has enabled thousands of people to understand the workings of their mind-body connection, re-conditioning for better focus, healthier attitude and overall wellness making lasting changes at work and home.

Liza has presented to audiences of up to three hundred people for industries including non-profit, law, entertainment, technology, government, health care, recruiting, hospitality, education, and real estate. Her powerful and high energy messages are to help people live and work stress free – driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for healing, greatness and unlimited abilities.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Seminars

  • Attract the most talented workers
  • Reduce absent staff and lost time
  • Improve on-the-job time utilization and decision making
  • Enhances employee morale, which leads to a reduction in turnover
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Build staff repport
  • Boost productivity
  • Create a happy work enviornment

“My own personal journey towards finding balance helped me make a career altering decision years ago when working as a legal assistant/paralegal. My body was breaking down, I was told I had carpal tunnel and may need surgery, had constant neck, shoulder and knee problems for using Dictaphone and episodes of stomach knots. Like many, I was on the brink of a burnout physically and emotionally and did not recognize it. Symptoms of stress can and do manifest both physiologically and psychologically.”

Build Staff Rapport

Stress and anxiety are known sources of diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Sometimes, we create “blocks” that prevent us from getting out from under stress. Guided imagery can remove those blocks and returns you to the joy and enthusiasm you want from life while giving you the tools and strength to solve the sources of stress and anxiety.

In her engaging lectures and workshops, Liza Boubari provides proven strategies that immediately translate into behavioral changes benefitting individuals and organizations such as: self awareness, assertiveness and the ability to deal with stress – is as important to workplace success as one’s cognitive abilities. Most importantly, her practical methods produce tangible results, creating life-affirming gains to participants.

Seminar Issues Include:

  • Eliminating roadblocks to success
  • Getting “unstuck”
  • Managing change
  • Constructive problem solving
  • Creating a positive workplace environment
  • Improving workplace communications
  • Motivating employees and raising morale
  • Overcoming stress/burn-out risk
  • Implementing wellness programs
  • Conquering compulsive or destructive behaviors
  • Dealing with difficult or powerful people


Stress is a pervasive workplace problem. That’s why stress management is an essential skill for a productive career. Whether you are a business owner wearing more hats than you can count or an employee juggling multiple deadlines, without the skills necessary to manage daily workplace pressures – performance suffers. The consequences of stress levels left unchecked include disappointing project outcomes, compromised work relationships and physical and emotional burn out.

The STEPS “Simple Thoughts Elevate performance & Success” Method provides the insights, strategies and proven techniques necessary to resolve a host of workplace stress-inducing problems. Participants are guaranteed to walk out of the session with tools you’ll want to put into practice immediately.

Learning Objectives

  • Clarify the difference between good and bad stress
  • Restore a big-picture perspective on what matters most
  • Introduce communication techniques to bypass unnecessary misunderstandings
  • Apply priority and time management techniques to daily scheduling
  • Practice proven breathing, imagery and attitude-shifting techniques

Workshop Agenda

• Stress Inventory
• “Good” vs. “Bad” stress
• Physical, mental and emotional symptoms of stress
• STEPS to stress relief
• Finding perspective within the chaos
• Wheel of Life exercise
• Values identification process
• Priorities and time management
  • Breathing and imagery techniques
  • Lowering blood pressure at will
  • Worry cures to improve optimism
  • Attitude adjustments
  • Food and hydration solutions
  • Sleep and its affect on productivity
  • Exercise and the mind/body connection
  • 60 second stress busters that work
  • Tools for making stress management sustainable
  • Goal setting that decreases stress – rather than adding burden
  • The B-E-S-T model for setting stress relief goals

Who Will Benefit

  • Employees Experiencing Burn Out
  • Professionals in High Stress Roles
  • All Managers and Supervisors
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Business Owners
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Let’s face it, the workplace can be a stressful environment.

But by helping your staff reduce and manage stressful aspects of their job, your company performs better
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Our Clients

Accuvest Financial Corp.American Red CrossAT&T– Consumer Credit Collection, BAXTER HealthCareCity of Glendale, Evergreen -DEVCO Inc., George Little ManagementGlendale Hilton HotelGlendale Memorial Hospital – Breast Cancer Center, Glendale Noon Rotary, Glendale Police DepartmentGMAC/RFC, Guess Corporation, King & Miller LLP, Knight Insurance, Lawry’s Corporation Los Angeles, Milam Knecht and Warner LLPSONY Pictures Warner BrosZodiac Aerospace,  Halland Chambers Real Estate

What Client’s Say

Thank you for a magnificent Self-Hypnosis and Boost Self-Esteem Class here at Warner Bros. Studios. Your knowledge and charisma was well received by all participants. I have received positive feedback by many attendees
Elizabeth Kirley, Health Educator, Warner Bros. Studios
We work in the trade show industry and are under significant levels of Stress. Thanks to the program and the workshop, our office has experienced improved energy levels and morale and reduced absenteeism. As a result, I would highly recommend Heal Within’s program for overall employee satisfaction. You are sure to see immediate and on-going benefit and improvement.
Angelina B, George Little Co.

Thank you Liza Boubari for a remarkable Mastermind Presentation today… “Evoking, Embracing, and Evolving”

Angela Sassounian, Halland Chambers Real Estate

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.