Loss of a Mother

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Loss of a mother can hurt. Last week as I was talking to a friend about mothers day, she said: "I lost my mom 4 years ago." Generally "loss" or "lost" is used to express something missing or someone's passing. But

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  • Mindfulness and Joy

3 Minute Mindfulness and Joy

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3 Minute Mindfulness and Joy If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?  Khalil Gibran When you happen to feel anxious, down, depressed, jealous, resentful or even hurt and angry, you are consumed with negative thoughts

Unload Stress Overload

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Unloading head junk may be the most important and lasting way to lower your daily stress load. Head junk includes all the negative and constant draining thoughts, emotions, and beliefs you carry around in your head on a regular basis.


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Upon reading about Amy Winehouse, Olympic Medalist Skier Jeret “Speedy” Peterson and, lastly, a friend of our family who shot and killed himself at age 42, I am baffled to say the least. How is it possible that life can be