Feeling stuck or in a funk?

  • Do you feel as if you are in a funk or feeling blah, either personally or professionally?
  • Do you feel as if you are existing and can’t get a grasp or see near distance?
  • Do you feel you must change, but don’t believe change is possible?
  • Do you feel as if you lost your mojo?

Can you relate to any of the above?
Lately few of my clients have been complaining of similar feelings. Feeling blah as if knowing what to do but not feeling inspired or motivated to move forward.

I, like you and many others, have experienced and felt the same at one point or another. I do not believe any of us are immune to feeling blah sometime in our lives. We all know not much from the outside world changes. Seasons change accordingly, time zone changes twice a year, where one place the moon sets the sun rises somewhere else – yet, change is constant and natural.  What really matters is how you cope with change.  How you manage what used to affect your mood and perception, to now take things in stride and stay in the flow.  For many this is easy – for some it is much harder than said.

How many of us use our humor to avoid letting anyone see the real us, or to avoid seeing the real in others? To avoid being embarrassed by what we really feel inside. To avoid seeing the vulnerability of anyone else. To avoid having to actually get involved and DO something for someone else. With no expectation of ever having it return.

When you associate with negative people, repeat unhealthy habits, constantly nag, complain, or keep self-sabotaging yourself over and over, why would you expect different results? Right? I know – you’re thinking its familiar.  The familiar becomes comfortable and when in a negative comfort zone, you can easily drop into a deeper funk or worse, depression.

Isn’t the pain of doing the same negative thing reason enough for you to put a stop to it?

Isn’t it time to achieve something better and greater that feels good? 

Well, YOU can. How about you do one thing different and better each day-every day. Just one. I promise that if you continue the same positive behavior or routine for 33 consecutive days you will see a change.  Believing is the first step in making it happen.  Expect it, and watch it happen for you.

Living in a fast track society we expect changes and transformations happen instantaneously and we are disappointed when success takes longer than we think it should. The reality is change can, and does happen. For some, it is instantaneous as for others it happens quite subtly.  So resist thinking “it does not work”. Step up each day to gradually become the change you’re meant to be.  You can make a difference by first becoming your own success story.

Let’s face it – to make any change, you must choose to Stand Up and Go Beyond. Stop the whinny, needy, sneaky behaviors and realize the only person that can help you or do anything for you, is the one within you. Taking responsibility for the one who’s been looking up to you – your inner self.

I welcome experiences – sincere comments from people that really care, or people that have been there.

Live Victoriously-You Matter

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

A Day Dedicated to YOU!

Join me for an exciting day dedicated to building the strength of our sisterhood.

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