Welcome to my website and healing through Hypnotherapy.

Transformation begins within. Your search has brought you to where you can now unlock the full power of your mind and make changes happen. Whether your focus is health, family, relationships, spirituality or career, we provide a safe environment for your journey of transformation towards a healthier YOU.

I believe in focusing on You as a whole-not the issues only. What creates extraordinary health is to defy the odds, break away from negative patterns, overcome obstacles and manifest your true potential. Choosing to heal within is to acknowledge, accept, and take action to living life-victoriously! 
– You Matter 

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You have taken the first step toward your personal journey. Hypnotherapy opens your mind’s deepest reservoir bringing change and the power to heal within.


Retreats and Workshops are for people seeking spiritual growth and healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level all within a safe, serene and group setting.


Corporate Wellness

In order to manage stress, each presentation is unique and customized using effective wellness techniques to destress, relax and realign your company for a healthier work environment.

Corporate Wellness
Liza Boubari you are inspirational! Motivational! Spiritual! Loving! And oh so incredibly talented thank you for opening my world to a whole new path! Loved the event!
Penny Davidi, Beverly Hills, CA
The insights you have given me have been truly amazing. You helped me recognize the barriers that stood in my way and how to conquer them. Through hypnotherapy I have made very real, positive progress in my life and will forever be grateful.
Elena B., Los Angeles, CA