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I’m Liza – Writer, Speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Consultant. I believe in focusing on You as a whole-not the issues only. What creates extraordinary health is to defy the odds, break through negative patterns, overcome obstacles and manifest your true potential. Through empowerment and personal transformation, I commit to safely guide you to peel back emotional layers of cellular memories in order to unveil and accept your true radiant self. You choose the change, and through the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I guide you to take action and live victoriously! 
– You Matter 

Change begins within. Whether your focus is health, family, relationships, spirituality or career, we provide a safe environment for your journey of evoking what was, embracing what is and evolving and transforming towards a healthier YOU.

Let it be your constant quest to reinvent yourself, your vision of yourself and your life. Believe you are destined for greatness. I am here for you.

You have taken the first step toward your personal journey. Hypnotherapy opens your mind’s deepest reservoir bringing change and the power to heal within.

When the conscious mind and subconscious mind disagree, the subconscious always wins! When the subconscious supports conscious goals, you unleash maximum potential.  Through hypnotherapy you can tap within to make the shift and change necessary to evoke the core reason, embrace the behavior you hold presently, evolve and transform to what you desire to be.

If your belief about your self is that you are not good enough, smart enough, loved enough, thin or attractive enough, your life becomes limited and constricted. On the other hand, if you feel happy with who you are, feel good about your body, feel safe in your environment, believe you are loved, loving and worthy, then your life expands infinitely.

Let’s peel away, drop and let go of what is no longer working, benefiting or worthy of you. Only you can change your story – I only hold space and guide you to make the change.  -Liza


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